Slight complication with a remote SDK in Rubymine.


I have a setup where I'm running a Linux VM on a Windows 7 host. I'm running a project in Rubymine with a (virtual) remote SDK, that so far has worked very nicely. The problem I have is that as soon as I run something on the SDK that creates or removes files from the project, Rubymine remains unaware of those changes, unless I manually synch the project files.

Here's an example:

I want to create a new migration, so I go to Rubymine, Tools, Run Rails Generator. There, I create a migration called ThisIsATest, or something like "rails g migration ThisIsATest". This command would create a migration file, something similar to 20140726161957_this_is_a_test.rb. The file is succesfully created in the remote SDK and executed accordingly, but both the migration file and the modified database, aren't copied down to my Rubymine installation.

This is a little inconvenience, but it can get quite tedious when running several migrations and/or generators on a constant basis, as I have to manually synch the files in the Deployment window so I can modify them with Rubymine. Sometimes even several other files are modified, that can later cause trouble to my project for not having it, as my local copy remains without them 'til I find out.

Is there any way to make Rubymine to do the synch automatically? I followed a guide to setup a new project with a remote SDK, so I'm not too sure if I may have forgotten something, or if Rubymine is capable at all to do such a thing.

Thanks in advance.

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there is no way to automatically update files modified remotely, I'd suggest to use vagrant to create VM in the way the project files would be shared
between VM and host OS.

Regards, Oleg.

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I've used Vagrant before, but the performance is incredibly slow when compared to VMware (it takes almost 3 times as much to do the same tasks), however, I completely ignored the fact that my working directory could be shared.

I've applied that to VMware, and that seems to have been the solution. I'm going to test it a few more times (I'm currently on the move to actually do it properly) before I mark this as solved.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Great!!  I'm happy that you have resolved the problem :)
BTW I had impression that vagrant now support VMWare too.



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