Angular Syntax Highlighting in Rubymine

I am just working through a RailsCast AngularJS tutorial. Loving angular however RubyMine does not want to highlight the code correctly:

@RaffleCtrl =  ($scope)->
  $scope.entries = [
    {name: "Foo"}
    {name: "Bar"}
    {name: "Who"}

  $scope.addEntry = ->
    $scope.newEntry = {}

  $scope.drawWinner = ->
    entry = $scope.entries[Math.floor(Math.random()*$scope.entries.length)]

The biggest problem here is that

is not highlighted as a function its just plain white text - which will be hard when I start building this out into a larger file.

Also thing such as
I would expect
to be highlighted but it is not.

I have the AngularJS plugin installed, and the RailsCasts code style.

What am I doing wrong?
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are you sure your filename ends in "" ?


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