How can I run multiple feature files using Cucumber that are in separate directories

I am trying to set up a test suite that will run all of my tests covering several projects at once. I am fairily new to rubymine and automation coding in general, so please forgive my noobness :) I have several projects that I manage at once, and I would like to be able to just click a few buttons or type a few cmds so that I can run ALL of my features in ALL of my directories that I tag to be ran with this command. That way I can just run them all every week or whatever as needed to test everything.

I can run all features in a single directory, but cant figure out how to run all features in multiple directories at once. Is there a way to do this?

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cucumber doesn'\t provide such functionality and so RubyMine doesn't too.
Also I do not think RubyMine is he right tool to do a regular test run, I'd suggest to either craete a simple script to do this manually or
setup CI server which will do this for you.

Regards, Oleg.

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Thanks for helping, we dont have a CI environment set up yet, so I was hoping to have an easy way to just attach all my tests together. I was afraid a script woudl be the only way to do this, and I am not really familiar with how to do that part.

I am running the tests in rubymine because im coding them in ruby, so I just run a all features in feature directory, but that only works for one project at a time. I didnt know if there was a way to set up a profile that could pull the features from multiple directories and run them all back to back, which is why I asked :)


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