Cannot attach to VM via VirtualMachine.attach() API



In my plugin, I have written a custom ProgramRunner and the user can create a run configuration and start my custom program as a separate JVM. I know the process ID of this newly created JVM and hence I use below code to obtain the connector address of the JVM, so I could connect to it via JMX

private static final String LOCAL_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS = "";

vm = VirtualMachine.attach(String.valueOf(jvmId));

connectorAddress = vm.getAgentProperties().getProperty(LOCAL_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS);
if (connectorAddress == null) {
String agent = vm.getSystemProperties().getProperty("java.home") +
File.separator + "lib" + File.separator + "management-agent.jar";
connectorAddress = vm.getAgentProperties().getProperty(LOCAL_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS);

But this code does not work in IU-2016.1.2. Basically, the code after


method does not get executed and there is no exceptions either. But it works on IU-15.0. I'm wondering whether this breaks due to the security fix done as mentioned in below blog post.

Anyone knows what to do about this?

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