Set default ruby version for files outside of project

If I edit a file outside the current project then the ruby version (and hence syntax) defaults to 1.9 (or possibly 1.8) but not 2.1

So I get syntax errors in the ide, which are annoying. But if I reformat the source (which I do semi unconsciously) it destroys
new style hashes.

I've tried editing the default settings but that doesn't seem to have any effect.

I use rvm on Mac OS.

I end up editing files out side the current project in two ways.

1) Editing a standalone ruby script.
2) Sharing files between projects using symlinks.
There is another issue with this in that if stepping through with the debugger
it will open the target of the symlink, so I have the same file open twice.

To make matters worse I often have the other project where the symlinkes file lives open as well.
I also edit the files in other editors, and pull from the repo from the command line.

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there is no way to change default language level in RubyMine.
But I'm not sure I've got the reason why do you need to edit files outside of the project?
Could you please clarify this for me, perhaps there is another way to do what you need to avoid the problem you have.

Regards, Oleg.


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