Generating a model with a SQLite3 database

Hi all,

I'm new to RubyMine, Ruby and Rails so bear with me.

I'm looking for a tutorial on how to generate my model in RubyMine from a SQLite3 database. I've created my SQLite3 database (2 tables). It seems like RubyMine can connect to it as it can display the 2 tables in the database pane on the right side of the RubyMine window.

But now, I would like to generate the model from this database. By generating, I mean populating two .rb file, each one with a class deriving from ActiveRecord. Is it possible to do so with RubyMine?

Or do I have to do this by myself? A tutorial on this topic, ignoring the exact type of database, would be appreciated for a beginner. Maybe how the whole thing connects together in the background would also be good. How do I configure my database.yml file? Do I have to add a line of code then in the rest of the application where I connect to the database? Or does all of this is done by magic when I load a database in the database pane on the right side of the RubyMine window?

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Tools -> Run Rails Generator. Choose model. And int the dialog type tablename (in camel case)


Thanks Andrey for the answer. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Is there some kind of series/tutorial/walkthrough to discover those features and what they offer.

For example, the feature discussed in this thread is used quite often with RoR. With similar commands (Ex: migration, rake db:migrate), maybe the developer who was doing it from the command line would appreciate how he can be become more productive with RubyMine.

Just an idea,



You could read our Quick Start Guide: so that to get familiar with core functionality of RubyMine. Also you could look at documentatin:


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