Project .ruby-version Settings: Cannot switch SDK.

Mac OS X: 10.9.2
RubyMine 6.3

I just upgraded a project from Ruby 2.0 to Ruby 2.1.1.  When I start RubyMine and load this project I get the error:

Project .ruby-version Settings: Cannot switch SDK. RVM SDK '2.1.1@trada-adwords-grader' wasn't found.

However, the Ruby SDK and Gems window shows under RVM: ruby-2.1.1 a gemset listed as "trada-adwords-grader (ruby-2.1.1)" and 'rvm gemset list' on the command line shows:

gemsets for ruby-2.1.1 (found in /Users/apickler/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.1)
=> trada-adwords-grader

I've tried restarting RubyMine, invalidating the caches and restarting, deleting the .idea/ folder and re-creating the project, and even restarting the machine.  Nothing seems to eliminate this error.  If I 'bundle install' in the Terminal, everything appears to install the appropriate gems in the right gemset.  But if I go into Tools->Bundler->Install in Rubymine, I can see that it's installing the gems in the 2.1.1 'global' gemset:

/Users/apickler/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.1.1@global/bin/bundle install

What am I missing?

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Holy all came down to this:

The project's .ruby-version file previously had this:


RubyMine required it to be like this:


Once I made that change and restart RubyMine, everything was fine.  I don't know if this is a quick of RubyMine, RVM, Ruby, or just my environment, but I was pretty sure before that only putting in the Ruby version number was the standard.


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