Docker + Rest Client + xDebug

I just wasted > 6 hours trying to get xdebug to work and nothing I try works.


I am developing a REST API with PHPStorm, I run a Apache+PHP docker container on my pc with xdebug installed and configured,

RUN | Webserver Debug Validation   shows all blue icons, when i check the container with its IP ( )

I use the built-in Rest Client to send requests to the container and this works just fine, but

when I try to use the Debug Icon in the Rest Client All I get is "waiting for incomming connection with ide key 'xxx'" - IDE Key changes for every request.


Is this working for someone who could explain to me what i need to do?



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Please note that your container has to be able to initiate a TCP connection to the machine where PhpStorm is running (xdebug.remote_host:xdebug.remote_port). Can you test it?

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Oh, I've started with a guess that you use zero-configuration debugging, which might be false.
Do you use it or a run/debug configuration?

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> Do you use it or a run/debug configuration?


I tried both, what I dont understand about run/debug configurations is that i have to specify a ide key for the debug configuration, but the Rest Client->Debug window chooses a new IDE Key for every request even if I have a debug configuration  so that seems useless....

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Hi there,

Please collect and share xdebug log.

Also show whole xdebug section of `phpinfo()` output.


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