Create untitled file

Hello everyone,

I often find myself in the need of having an untitled file where I can put some temp text while I am working.
However I could not find the option in rubymine to create it :(
If I do File => New it will asks me to give a name to the file and it will save it to disk.

Any help?
Thank you

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there is no such option but why do you need this?  Perhaps there is another way to get what you want.  E.g. if you just use it as advanced clipboard then we do have one ;)

Regards, Oleg.

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Thanks, I will have a look at the advanced clipboard features.

Currently I always keep a plain text editor on the background to save some temp text/notes/snippets that I wish to use in my code.
That's my the rationale behind this question.

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You could use Scratch plugin.

If your IDE build is newer than 134.1404 (Help | About) then similar functionality is already part of the IDE --


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