Tooltip on tab - blocks other tab


I have tabs configured to be placed on left:
Settings - Editor - Editor Tabs - Placement = Left

When I move mouse to one of the tabs - a tooltip (with filename) appears above it.

Under  certain circumstances (not always, but frequently) it doesn't disappear  when cursor is moved towards it (probably this is made to be able to  copy contents of tooltip) and it totally covers tab under it, so I can't  quickly click on it. Very annoying.

Example - as you can see tooltip covers middle of 3 opened tabs.

Is there any way to change tooltip position? E.g. show it on left side of tabs.

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I'm having the same issue and it's a bit frustrating. I also have page tabs positioned on the left.
The yellow tooltip occasionally blocks my mouse click when I click a page tab - and I have to move my mouse away and wait for it to dissapear before I can click the page tab.

Does anyone know a way switch off these yellow tooltips in Pycharm?


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