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Is there a way to list and launch all installed plugins on PHPStorm? I feel like I'm missing something, as often I'll install a new plugin and simply cannot find how to launch it.

I find the authors of these plugins rarely detail this, so I'm sure it must be something really simple that I'm missing, but no amount of documentation or Google searches seem to be able to answer this simple question. I'll often install a plugin, spend 10-15 minutes attempting to access and use it and then often simply give up and uninstall it out of frustration. Case and point, I have just downloaded the following plugin (Quick Notes), and have ensured that it is enabled (ticked) in the plugins list. This has comprehensive documentation regarding USING the plugin, but as always, I cannot find how to LAUNCH the damn thing. 

Is there not a central location where I can not only view installed plugins, but actually launch them too? I'm sick to death of installing a new plugin, only to spend 10-15 minutes sifting through menus trying to actually find it.

Any help here would be really appreciated. This is frustrating to no end.

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Hello, unfortunately there's no such a thing since some of the plugins are only adding context menus/project-related settings, etc...

You can try to double tap shift > type plugin's name to check available options. 

Btw, Quick Notes was updated on 02.09.2013 - it's outdated and doesn't start (greyed out) on latest PhpStorm versions.



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