How to switch tabs in a tool window? (not editor tabs)


I have several tabs open in the run tool window - Bash, irb, test run etc. I have tried to use the Ctrl+Tab (with +Alt or/and +Shift ) shortcut to switch between them in the context menu, but without success.

I have read the web help page  but found no answer.

What am I missing? How do I switch the tool window tabs from keyboard?

Thank you.


Alt+left/right arrow works for me.

Hope this helps, Oleg.


Thanks for looking into it, Oleg. I see now that there are two kinds of tabs in the run tool window. I have posted a screenshot to illustrate:

As you suggested, I can switch between the ones on the bottom (grey background) with Alt + left/right. That did not work for the tabs on the top (the blue ones).

However, extrapolating from your answer I started trying further to discover that I can switch between the blue tabs using Alt + up/down arrows.


I see, in my case I didn't have nested tabs, I'm happy hat you've found the answer :)

Regards, Oleg.


To move forward Shift + command + [  and to move backbaward Shift + command + ] worked for me.


Dhiren Mudgil  you have fixed my life!!! My biggest pet peeve is to have to switch to the trackpad to switch between Local CHanges and Log in the Git tool window, something I do about 20-30 times a day at least.


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