ADD LIVE Feature into PHPStrom give tool for direct edit from View

ADD LIVE Edit  Feature into PHPStrom give tool for direct edit from View

I am an old user of Adobe Dreamweaver so there easy to get the current css class and change from css dailog and impact can be save into current file

other than imported css or lib and many customization directly from View 

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Unfortunately we don't have plans on implementing this, please see for details.

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Very Bad cause two major feature required for view and selector for direct element code edit form view just double click on it and second css modification with visualization and a panel popup for change rapid values like in Dreamweaver  and Chrome Inspect 

and if I want to change this native css style from bootstrap lib so I need just click on add this css stlye add to my custom css 

and what for media queries there is must needed in most for all web supported IDE


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