RubyMine 3.0 97.122 Support for Ruby 1.9 hash syntax?

In my trial setup of RM I've noticed some uses of 1.9 style hash syntax are flagged by RM as incorrect, syntax checking after those hashes goes a bit haywire, and things like click-goto-file (e.g. for a partial) don't work.

The project's SDK is "Ruby SDK 1.9.2-p-1" and the language level selector (disabled) shows "version 1.9"

    { foo: 'bar' }

    foo(bar: 'broken')

    foo bar: 'broken'
    <%= foo bar: 'broken' %> (in rhtml)
    <%= foo(bar: 'broken') %> (in rhtml, particularly problematic, as extra () doesn't work around it.)

Would this be a todo or a setting I missed? (The only 1.9 hash bug I found was closed/fixed against 2.5EAP.)

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Hello Yuri,

Thanks a lot for reporting this. I've created an issues for these problems: and
Feel free to vote, comment and track progress of it. Next time you see parsing errors feel free to submit them directly to the


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Three years passed and this still hasn't been resolved?

IDEA IU-192.947, Ruby Plugin

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the syntax is supported, and the reason why you've got this is that you either have not set ruby sdk for the project or it is ruby 1.8
If none of above then it is a bug and it is welcome to our tracker ;)

Regards, Oleg.


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