different languages in cucmber feature files

Hi everybody,

i´m just started to implement cucumber feature files with ruby step definitions in RubyMine.
First I developed Feature files in german (with a comment in the feature files - # language: de) and everything went fine. Rubymine recognized all keywords, the code completion worked and it was possible to jump from feature to the the step definition.

Then I created one feature file in english, and at this point RubyMine recognizes only english keywords.
I just invalidated the cache, restarted the IDE and deleted the english feature file, but without any success...

Is there any possibility to change the language or switch between the recognized languages?

Thanks in advance.

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it looks like a bug for me :(
What version of RubyMine and cucumber are you using?
Could you please provide small test project (just couple feature files, Gemfile) which could be used to reproduce the problem.

Regards, Oleg.


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