How does RubyMine set the PATH env var on Windows?

I'm running Windows-8 64-bit with RubyMine
If I run a program in the IDE that does just "puts ENV['path']" it will display a value for the path.
This value is different than what I see if I open a command window and type PATH.
How does RubyMine determine the PATH used when I Run a program in the IDE?
Can I change what it gets set to?


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what difference you see?  The only difference I see (and it is expectd) is that we prepend path to ruby sdk bin directory to PATH.

Regards, Oleg.

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I also see C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\RubyMine\bin\..\.\bin; prepended and ;C:\Ruby193\bin;c:\program files (x86)\jetbrains\rubymine\jre\jre\bin  appended, though no big deal.
The issue I was having, which has gone away since I restared my system, was that I added a directory to my local path which contained DLLs required by the oci8 gem and the "require 'oci8'" statement gave me a DLL not found message.
I restarted Rubymine and the error persisted but when I restarted my system the new directory now shows in ENV['path'] and the DLL is now found ... so, all's well.
Thanks for you help.

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You are always welcome.



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