"Ruby SDK isn't set." But it looks like it is.

Many of the Rails integrations that I expect to be working in RubyMine aren't. In particular, if I attempt to use Tools > Run Rake Task... I receive this error:

Ruby SDK isn't set. Check project settings.

2013-08-08 5-53-47 PM.png

But when I go to Settings > Ruby SDK and Gems I see

2013-08-08 5-50-20 PM.png
which looks correct to me.

Any ideas about what the problem might be?

I'm using Windows 8, Rails 4, Rubymine 5.4.3.

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I figured out the solution to my own problem.

I closed the project, deleted the .idea folder, and re-opened the project.

rake tasks (and a whole bunch of other stuff) appear to be working correctly now.


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