Make squiggly lines go away in a JS file

Hello Everyone,
   I have a JS file, and for some reason, it kicks off the validator.  Below is the contents of the file.  It begins to complain at the left bracket in the "Ext.Ajax.request({" and doesn't stop yapping until the closing right bracket.

onButtonClick: function (button, e, options) {
        var tempUsername = this.getLoginEmailInput().value;
        var tempPassword = this.getLoginPasswordInput().value;
        var tempScope = [this];
        Ext.Ajax.request({  ---->Starts squiggling here
            url: 'users/sign_in.json',
            params: {
                email: tempUsername,
                password: tempPassword
            success: function (response) {
                var text = response.responseText;
                if (text == 'authentication_success') {
                    var controller = this[0];
                    var store = controller.getLocationsStore();
                else {

            scope: tempScope

My question is, how do I make these squiggly lines go away as they are distracting and lead me to think something is wrong with my code at a glance                                             

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