Debugger is showing nonsense in the watches window

I'm running
ubuntu 10.04
rubymine 5.4.2,
ruby version 1.9.3-p327,
debugger-ruby_core_source 1.1.7

Some examples (as shown in the screenprint, attached)

net_recs.pct_pos is a number, it's an attribute of a ProjectionResult object. The watches window says it is itself a ProjectionResult (incorrect, but if that were all, I could live with it); but when I expand it, it says it's an array with 3 elements (it's not an array); if I expand the "array of 3 elements", it shows 1 element

net_recs.pct_neg is also a number, and also an attribute ofa ProjectionResult object, but the watches windows says it's a symbol, with value "pos".

acceptance_criteria.direction IS a symbol, with value "pos", but it shows that as 71.428..., which is actual the value of net_recs.pct_neg.

Trust me, if I put a bunch of "puts" in the code instead of using the debuger, everything's right. But that's the point of having a debugger.

As it is, it's unusable.  

I've tried restarting rubymine, as that sometimes  helps, but this is happening on the first debug session I've run since restarting, so it's quite frustrating.

Also, it's incredibly slow.  Going from one line to the next can take over a minute, even when no functions are being called.

Any help is appreciated.

Debugger (1).png
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I updated debugger-ruby_core_source to 1.2.3, seems to have fixed the problem.


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