Open Recent vs Window: an integrated approach?

Feature suggestion

I'm been RubyMine (currently 5.4.2 on osx 10.8.3) several months and very happy with it. I've got one issue that is annoying.

I often switch between multiple RubyMine projects, and sometimes close them sometimes keep several open.

Annoyingly when I want to open a previous project, I can't go to a single "Open Recent" because if the project is already open, it's not listed in Open Recent, only in "Window".
Is there a way to include already open projects in "open recent" and then selecting this will bring that window (or all windows from that project) to the front (restoring them if minimized)"



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Hi Tim,

we do not have such functionality now.  But you are welcome to file a request in our tracker

Regards, Oleg.


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