Path variables in Rubymine 5.4.1

Are there any environment variables defined in Rubymine to get the root of the current project?  Something that would equate to Rails.root?

Rubymine is unable to find my spec_helper, which lives at the top of the spec heirarchy.  My thinking was the way to fix it was to add Default Runner Option of "-I (project root)/spec" but I need to figure out how to define the project root.


While I'm still interested in the answer to this question, just for testing purposes I set the runner option to the full path with: -I /Users/wade/projects/current_project/opal/spec

that did not appear to have any effect.  RubyMine still indicates "No such file to load" for my "require 'spec_helper'.  The file "spec_helper.rb" does exist in the root of the spec directory.

Where should I be setting a path so that RubyMine can find my spec helper?

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