little confused about the nailgun support

working on a rails3 project.  added '--ng' option to ruby arguments in run configurations.

Seems like rubymine detects the '--ng' option and tries to auto-start the nailgun server.  But if a nailgun server is already running (even one run by ruby-mine from a previous script run), rubymine doesn't re-use it.  it tries to create another one (which bombs because the port is already taken).

And if running tests, it seems like the test reporting doesn't start until after the nailgun server has completed the entire test run.  I start my tests, then there is a real long pause before test reporting begins.  But the nailgun server process seems to be very active.  I'm guessing it's running the tests, but not reporting results as it goes.

After a long wait, the tests start reporting, but reporting too fast (I'm assuming because all the test results are being delivered at once).


Hello Russell!
Which RubyMine build do you use?
Which OS do you use?


OSX, using the new RubyMine EAP ichii 129.107


Hello Russell!
Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce this bug.
Please create new issue on with detailed steps for reproduce.


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