Cannot debug gli scripts from within RubyMine


I think I'm missing something pretty obvious.

When running gli-based apps from the command line I use
$ bundle exec bin/my-gli-app
from within the app-directory and everything is fine.

However I did not yet succed in getting a RubyMine configuration to work, which either executes or debugs the app.

I hit several issues:

  1. When providing the script name I have to provide the full absolute path to the script - otherwise RM doesn't even try to run the configuration even if the working dir is set.
  2. When using the full script path however, it seems that the ruby executable (my private one via RVM) doesn't pick up the correct gem path as only old gems are found.
  3. It also seems that the option to use bundle exec doesn't have any impact at all.

Any hints?



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