Plugin which should enhance fileTemplates regular library

Hi everyone,

I have never started with developing plugins for RubyMine. I love that IDE... Now I have to create plugin or additional lib wich should extend regular FileTemplates library of IDE. It should looks like if I am going to create Ruby class or module I shold see in context menu (new->ruby file) several ruby classes exaples:

ruby class name 1
ruby class name 2
ruby class name ....
ruby class name 6

Please suggest me where I have to start with it....


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could you please clarify what kind of extension you want to implement?
Do you really need new plugin. Perhaps all you need is several new file templates, if so you can add them manually (Settings|File and Code Template)
Or perhaps you want something else?

Regards, Oleg.

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I should share it on 10 more instances of rubymine. Now I am using "export/import settings" from file menu, It is allows me share it between team members

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Thank you for explanation.

Some information about plugin development you can find at
As for providing new template you will need to specify you own file template group factory with the following line in

    <fileTemplateGroup implementation="<factory class name>"/>

You can use groovy plugin as example: search for GroovyTemplatesFactory in its plugin.xml

Hope this helps.
And feel free to ask more questions :)

With best regards, Oleg.

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Forgot to say that groovy plugin is part of Idea community addition and here is some information about building plugin for community addition (including reference to its repo)

Regards, Oleg.


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