Ruby config logs colors

Hi everybody,

I have a Rails app that uses the Thin server and SSL. I start the server with the following command from the terminal:

thin start --ssl

I created a custom Ruby configuration to run the server from RubyMine, and setup the Logs to see the server logs. The problem is that for some reason, RubyMine doesn't convert the ASCII codes into colors. I could disable colors from Rails, but I would really like to see the logs with colors. How can I do that from RubyMine please?

Edit: I have another Rails application that does not use SSL. I started the Thin server using the Rails usual config. The logs are not colored either but the ASCII characters are stripped out. Is there any way to have colored logs in the RubyMine servers tab?


I'm afraid there is no such way :(  AFAIK we do not support coloring in logs.

Regards, Oleg.


Thanks a lot for your answer :)


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