skip .rvmrc on Rubymine start


I'm using Rubymine for some time and recently I upgraded to 5.0.1. Now I have problem with my rvm gemset.
I created rvm gemset on my machine for specific project and I want to use it. But on startup Rubymine is checking
.rvmrc in project's folder. Is it possible to skip .rvmrc on startup?
I want to use my own rvm gemset and I don't want to commit my specific settings on github.
So, question is, can I keep .rvmrc on github so everyone can use it if they want and I want to use my own settings
skipping those in .rvmrc?


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Currently there is no such possibility :(  Feel free to file request in our tracker ( and vote for it.

Regards, Oleg.


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