ClearCase integration for RubyMine

Hello, colleagues.

Our company use clearcase as one and main repo.
I know we have one plugin for clear case for the IJ Idea, but it's not created for rubymine and ,moreover ,the author is not developing his own product for years like since 2006 or close to it.

Can anyone help us providing a plugin with basic functions for clear case like
- open "view history" window
- check out
- check in
- undo check out

We are not doing good in RMPlugins.

Thank you.

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Any thoughts ?

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Okay. Let's look at this problem from another side.

I will pay 35$ for this plugin for RubyMine.
RM costs $99 so i think that is reasonable price.

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Hey man, of coz I do it for you. 35$ is not lay on a road.


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