Source display and memory options for Rubymine 5

Installed Rubymine 5 along with setting the darcula theme.

1) With previous Rubymine versions, I use to have a vertical lines that would match the begin/end for methods.  This vertical lines no longer appear.

2) I use to have a horizontal lines that separated my method definitions.  They are no longer there.

3) I use to be able to bump the available memory for RubyMine by altering the Info.plist file.  These settings are no longer there.  How can I increase the memory for RM?

Thanks in advance!

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Just to follow up on items 1 and 2 :

Yes, I did have "Show vertical indent guides" and "Show method seperators" options enabled.  The colors set for these options were also bright, obviously contrasting colors so they should have been visible.

I ended up deleting my Rubymine50 preferences from ~/Librarary/Preferences, and reimporting my 4.0 settings.  Now I see the dividers (hooray!).

The only thing I can think of is that maybe one of the previous 5.0 EAP releases didn't properly carry over these settings?


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