Debugging with Torquebox not working for me.

First, love rubymine so much. Especially its integrated debugger!

So I was estatic to see support for debugging with Torquebox for RM5 since Torquebox is the target platform for our app. This means I could now finally use integrated debugger once again!

However, I have been running into problems trying to run torquebox under rubymine.

I crated a gist that contains server spam along with stack traces for when I try to rune Torquebox with debugging enabled:

Things I have done:
uninstalled all ruby-debug-ide gem(s)
Created a new run configuration with torquebox as selected server.
Run torquebox without debugging
- Let RM generate a new init file
- Everything seems to run fine.
- Shut down
Run torquebox with debugging
- install the specific gem RM asks for
- See error spew as in the gist above.
- try again, same result.

We are running torqbox 2.3 and jruby 1.7.2. Out app has been designed from day 0 to run on torquebox and so far has preformed beautifully in that envroinment running TB from command line tools (and it seems from RM without debugging enabled though I did not fully exercise the app to test).

I'd _LOVE_ to be able to use RM's debugger with torquebox!

Any ideas?


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