RubyMine and rspec with custom files pattern


It seems like RubyMine does not read options defined in .rspec config file. All my spec files have -spec.rb ending instead of _spec.rb. My .rspec file looks like:

--pattern "spec/**/*[_|-]spec.rb"

The issue is if I want to run some spec just using Shift + F10 it will not work because RM does not recognize -spec.rb files as rspec files.

Does anyone know how to make RM recognize -spec.rb files as rspec so I could use Shift + F10 to run examples from them?



unfortunately "*_spec.rb" is hardcoded now :(
I'd suggest to file request about this in our tracker (

Regards, Oleg.


Hi Oleg,

Thanks for the replay. I've filed a request as you suggested. Here is it:


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