Inline evaluation like xmpfilter from rcodetools


I've been watching Avdi's "RubyTapas" podcast, and he makes constant use of the rcodetools gem and its xmpfilter plug-in for e-macs (also available for vim).  The part that interests me is that he can end a line with # => and then hit a keystroke, after which that line in the editor is evaluated and the resulting value appended to the line.

Is there a tool like this available for RubyMine?  It's like having irb built into your editor, and that looks really useful.  I'd like to have this capability when I'm editing in RubyMine.

On a similar note, in this video , starting around 17:25, Bret demonstrates a very interesting code editor enhancement that evaluates each line and shows the results in a right-hand sidebar.  It would be awe-inspiring if RubyMine could do this.

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