How do I toggle column selection mode on a Mac? See image:


I can't figure out how to use this keyboard shortcut:
Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.26.15 AM.png
It looks like it is:
Command + Shift + Little Keyboard Icon? + Asterisk

I'm pretty new to OS X keyboard shortcuts so maybe I am lacking basic understanding.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you,


shift-cmd-8 seems to be a different combination than what I posted above.  I can add a new keyboard shortcut to toggle column selection as shift-cmd-8 and there are no conflicts so it is a good suggestion.  I am still very curious what the original shortcut is supposed to be though.

Maybe the original keyboard combination requires a numpab which has the * key?  Even so what is the little keyboard icon supposed to mean.

Thank you,


Meta (Command) + Shift + 8 (Mac OS X 10.5+ Keymap)
Meta (Command) + Shift + Numpad * (Mac OS X Keymap)


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