What's the schedule to release the next EAP build?


I'm really really eager to run a version of RM that integrates tightly with Vagrant because I simply gave up on running RoR on Windows.

What's the schedule to release a build that includes the following fix?
RUBY-10872 Enable Rubymine to work with development on virtual machines / remote servers - Enable ruby commands to be executed via SSH

Thank you,

Adrián Dantas

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Actually, most parts of support for remote interpreters are included in current EAP build.
One of post in RubyMine's blog (http://blog.jetbrains.com/ruby/2012/12/enjoy-rubymine-enoki-eap-while-were-all-still-alive/) provides some information about it.

Regards, Oleg.

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Thanks!!!! I will install it right away! This is the first time I will be running an EAP version. In general I stick with the stable releases. However, this time I need this feature badly because I don't think that the hassle to make Rails run windows is worth it. A vagrant linux box seems to be the only reliable way to develop using a Windows machine




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