Help on how to work with class diagrams

I'm using rubymine 4.5.4 and trying to learn how to diagram classes.

I anexed my project, with the problems descrived bellow.

I've done a class Animal, Dog and Boxer where Boxer inherits from Dog and Dog from Animal. Each class in it's on file, and the diagram does not show the hierarchy connections.

But in the same file that I defined Dog, I added 3 more classes each of them inheriting from Dog, and these do show on the graph.

My question is, how to make classes that are in their own files, show  their connections on the graph.

I'm also not being able to delete classes from the graph using the delete button, that in my case, is fn + backspace.

Also, ctrl + click on the classes does not seem to open the context menu, but right mouse click does.

Does anyone has this issues as well?



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