Weird state after upgrade to Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

I recently upgraded my Mac from Snow Leopard (10.6.x) to Mountain Lion (10.8.2).  Now RubyMine (4.5.2) behaves strangely in the following ways I've found so far:

- inspections/syntax - it thinks there are syntax and/or inspection errors in my ruby code when there are none
- Navigate/Go To - I can't navigate to declaration or implementation.  When I try it just no-ops
- Find Usages - no-op when I try to use this feature
- auto-complete - no longer works, no suggestions ever show up automatically, or when I hit option-space

I'm sure there are more, I haven't gone through every option, but the above are enough to render RubyMine just a bloated text editor.

I've completely removed and installed the latest version (4.5.4).  Issue not changed.

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Have you tried  File | Invalidate caches ?

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Yep, looks like it did the trick.  Thanks.


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