Git Commit Hotkey?

What I'd like is a hotkey like Opt+G (or whatever) that brings up the git commit dialog for the currently active file. Is such a thing possible maybe through macros?

Incidentally, is there a way to commit a file using only the keyboard? I've only been able to commit by using my mouse to click the commit button, but I want to do it through my keyboard if possible.

If I had both of these things I could commit small changes without breaking my flow or taking my hands away from the keyboard, which would be a boon.  

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not sure why you want to commit exactly one file, but I see only menu item VCS|Git|Commit File... for this (I do not know if it is accessible through keyboard on Mac)
Another option is to use a shortcut for VSC|Commit Changes (which is Ctrl-K on Windows) and deselect all files except the current one in commit dialog.

Hope this helps, Oleg.

P.S. if you believe that there should be a way to set shortcut for VCS|Git|Commit File... please file a request in our tracker (

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The "actual" name of the action is "Check In" and it is possible to set short key for it.

Regards, Oleg.

P.S. the name of the menu item will be fixed in next EAP.


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