Inconsistant File Template naming schemes. (Erb & HAML)

My installation of RubyMine has 'Erb File.html' and 'HAML File' file templates. I believe I created the HAML File template after removing the original, or I originally created that one I cannot remember. (Not really relevent but this might explain why I'm talking about templates that may or may not exist with a fresh install.)

My confusion is that 'Erb File.html' will display a file name prompt with nothing in it. Anything I type in will be prepended to '.erb'. So '' will become ''. The HAML File template however will display a file name prompt with 'my_view.html.haml' with 'my_view' selected. There is an extra '.html' bit that pops in unexpectedly and I cannot find where it might be defined or cleared.

Does anyone know how to either have '.html' removed from the HAML file name suggestion or have it display an empty prompt and prepend what I type to '.haml'? I have tried to recreate the HAML File template but if you use the haml extension some rule comes into play and it adds '.html'. No such rule has been found with erb and I cannot get an Erb file template to work like HAML file templates.

This is in RubyMine 4.5.3 btw.

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I think this inconsistency needs to be changed. I had the same issue. I don't mind if it is one or the other, as long as it is consistent. but it isn't, which is confusing.


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