Errors with no DB


I'm just starting with RubyMine, I'm also new to Ruby and RoR.

I'm building a web site without a database as it's going to consume services rather than a database backend directly.  I've initially configured the new application as per this post of SO

I've created a model for my application as per this method using ActiveModel however when I run a code inspection on the class:

class PlotBase
  include ActiveModel::Validations
  include ActiveModel::Conversion
  extend ActiveModel::Naming

  attr_accessor :id, :xCoor, :xCoor, :notes

  validates_presence_of :id
  validates_presence_of :xCoor
  validates_presence_of :yCoor

  def initialize(attributes = {})
    attributes.each do |name, value|
      send("#{name}=", value)

  def persisted?


RubyMine is reporting a number of errors on the class but it's falls in line with the structure contained in the RailCast demo (and as per the full source for the same demo).  The errors include:

  • Cannot find variable with given name

Unless I also include:

    # code here

It also reports:

    • DB field ':id' of undefined table for class 'PlotBase' or unable to find Rails Model association with name ':id'

Which I was assuming that the persisted method denotes this isn't a model linked to a corresponding database table.

I must be missing something obvious as I'm a complete noob so any pointers on the class structure would also be appreciated.



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Hi James,

this looks like a bug for me, please file a bug in our tracker (

Regards, Oleg.

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Hi Oleg,

Logged in YouTrack item number RUBY-12105

I didn't know if I should assign a subsystem of Parser or not so left it blank and at normal priority.

That said this is extremely annoying if you are developing a database free project which must hit a decent sized portion of the userbase?  Services and APIs are booming!



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Thank you for the bug.
I believe its subsystem is "Inspections"


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Makes complete sense! :)


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