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I'd like to create a custom scope in RubyMine by copying the predefined Project Files scope and then modifying it.  The Scope Manager doesn't provide this feature and I can't find the patterns for the predefined scopes.  

What I'm really trying to do is to exclude a few additional files from the Project Files scope.  I create a custom scope excluding the files but when I used this scope in a search the external ruby library was included in the search.  I don't see a way to exclude external libraries in the scope manager tool.  

So, an answer to either of these questions will solve my problem.  
1.  What is the Project Files scope pattern?
2.  How do I exclude external libraries in the custom scope editor?

Thank you.  

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The Project Files pattern cannot be edited because it's a special hard-coded implementation. To create a scope that does not include external libraries, you can include recursively the root directory of the project and then exclude the files that you need.


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