Exit code -336589910

Process finished with exit code -336589910

I've been recieving an exit code of -336589910 intermittently for several months.  At first I thought it may be a length-of-test issue, but recently I've seen it on a test running less than 2 minutes.  It doesn't appear to be affecting my co-workers running the same tests.

Currently using:
RubyMine 4.02
Ruby 1.9.3
Windows 7



it would be nice to have more information:
- What kind of tests do you use (rspec, cucumber, unit-test, minitest)?
- Do you use any additional library such as Shoulda?
- Is the problem reproducible when you run just one test?
- Do you use spork to run tests?
- What is you gem environment (Tools | Show Gem Environment) and what is in your Gemfile?
- What OS your co-workers (who are not affected) use?
- Can you provide a small project which demostrates the problem?

Thanks in advance, Oleg.


And one more question: is the problem reproducible in command line?


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