RubyMine marks cucumber steps defined in gem as undefined

i am a long time intellij user, but i have very little experience with ruby, RubyMine, or cucumber.

i am an iOS developer and i use the calabash-cucumber gem ( to do my UI testing.

the calabash-cucumber gem defines a number of steps that i use all the time.  these steps are being marked in RubyMine as undefined.  is there some way to get RubyMine to recognize these steps?

after some reading some similar posts on the forum, i tried the following:

  1. adding a content root
  2. adding a load path
  3. using a sym link - this caused my tests to fail because of ambiguous matches

any thoughts?

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this the issue for this question:

as of RubyMine 4.5, the solution is to add a Gemfile with the following lines:

# without including this, the Tools > Bundler > Install reports an error
gem 'rake'
# for the latest (installed) version of the gem
gem 'calabash-cucumber'
# for specific version of the gem
# gem 'calabash-cucumber', '0.9.80.pre.5'

as of 0.9.70 (or so) the calabash-cucumber gem follows the gem directory structure conventions expected by RubyMine.


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