Deployment upload options are greyed out

Rubymine 4.5 on the MAC

In tools.delpoyment.configuration, I have 3 separate targets configured and tested for connectivity.

I had been working with a project, and was deploying stuff to my sever fine using tools.deployment.upload

I started a new EMPTY rails projects, with the same one I deleted and copied the sources into that directory. I created a git repository.

When I go to tools.deployment, everything is greyed out, wiht the exception of Configuration and Options. What's going on?

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Hi there,

The deployment entries (Settings | Deployment) are visible to all projects (even if particular project does not use it) but only first tab (Connection) is shared between all projects -- all other tabs are project specific. This allows reusing the same Deployment entry (connection details) in multiple projects but with different mappings (different URL, different path on server etc).

Therefore -- please check and set correct values (if required) in "Mappings" tab of the required deployment entries -- in new project they will be empty by default. Once you set them up correctly (don't forget to choose one of the entries as Default for this project), "Upload" action will be available again.


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