'Cannot load module file...' RM4.5

Warning: RM/Ruby newbie.

Using RM4.5 on Ununtu 10.04.4 LTS (Lucid)

I installed gems through Settings -> 'Ruby SDK and Gems'
The Gem shows up in teh list, 'require' does not give an error.
However, intelisense does not work, and I get the following error when opening the project:

Cannot load module file '/Dropbox/development/Projects/Ruby/RubyLego/.idea/RubyLego.iml':
File /Dropbox/development/Projects/Ruby/RubyLego/.idea/RubyLego.iml does not exist
Would you like to remove module 'RubyLego' from the project?

I already added  "gem 'lego_nxt'" to my code as per some other posts I found, but it still doesn't work.

Any ideas?

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The error has nothing to do with gems. Please try deleting the .idea directory and using "Open Directory" on the same directory again to recreate it.

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That did the trick!
Thanks for your help.



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