What the trick to inspect a variable?

When I hover over an array variable, I get a balloon style dialog telling me how many items are in the array with a + sign. I feel like I'm playing a game at this point trying to move my mouse down so I can click on the dialog and open up the array to inspect the values. Sometimes I can move to the dialog and get it to open, other times, the dialog disappears as soon as I move my mouse. Is there a trick or keyboard key I can use to always open the dialogs?

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I can't help you but just confirm that I am seeing the issue too. In my case I am seeing it with inspections such as the ones that popup for very_very_very_long_method_names and for I18n.t('.missing_i18n_keys').

As far as I can determine, the balloon is closed unless your mouse pointer is over the word that triggered the inspection *or* over the "more.." link (the "+" sign in your case) in the balloon popup. If you move your mouse outside these two areas for more than a split second then the balloon popup closes. This is very fidgety and you need to be fast and precise to be able to click the link in the popup. A better solution would be to keep the balloon open as long as the mouse is over the triggering word or over the entire balloon.

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I doubt there is a shortcut to expand the tooltip, but you can use keyboard to show the tooltip (on Windows it is Ctrl-Alt-F8 (see "Settings"::"Keymap":: "Run"::"Quick Evaluate Expression" for the shortcut on your plarform). It open the popup for the current/selected variable/expression, and it opens it already expanded.

Hope this helps.

Regards, Oleg.


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