rubymine 4 for linux github plugin bug

Hi folks,


I have a windows 7 running rubymine 4.0.1; meanwhile, I have a virtualbox running on this windows, and I have a ubuntu 11.10 running in the virtualbox.

I am working behind proxy, and the proxy setting are established on both OS.

It looks like the proxy setting doesn't support git protocol, thus I need to visit http://git.xxxx if needed (however, I doubt there is the problem).


With rubymine 4 on windows 7, I can go to setting -> github, enter my github login (not email) and password, the test button tells me everything is OK.

However, when I go to Ubuntu, the error prompts cannot login with supplied credential?

Any ideas?

Thanking you!


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BTW, in the Ubuntu, I have also a Rubymine 4.0.1 being installed, which is my coding enrionment ;)

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     I have the same problem in Ubuntu, I also receive this error message (Error on line 33: The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</meta>".)

     Any update on the issue ?



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