FactoryGirl.create deprecation warning

I was curious why I'm getting a deprecation warning message in the inspections for FactoryGirl.create. According to the factory girl documentation:


that syntax is suggested.

In RubyMine, it shows a line through the call and the inspection says "        'FactoryGirl::Syntax::Vintage::Factory.create' call is deprecated in Rails      3.0"

Also, in the warning message, it would be helpful if there could be a hint about what the new syntax, like "use XXXX instead."

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Yup yup, but only happens on a new version of FactoryGirl gem.

I had an old project with an old FactoryGirl version and it doesn't show the deprecation warning.

With the last version, 3.3.0 (iirc) it shows that deprecation.

I got crazy, I went to google, tried "Factory.create" and when I ran the specs, I saw a deprecation warning about "Factory.create" and it told me to use "FactoryGirl.create" and that the IDE marks as deprecated.

In short, Rubymine is doing it wrong :p

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could you, please, file a bug in  our bugtracker about this problem.

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Sure, I will do it right now.

EDIT: Already exists :)


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