Indent after line break in html.erb files is always 2 spaces. Can you change it?

I have looked through every option in settings and can't find a way to change this.

The problem:

In a .html.erb file (a Rails view), when you type the opening tag for a new element, e.g. "<div>" and then press enter, the new line is always indented 2 spaces from the above "<div>" tag, even though my HTML indent settings are set to 1 'tab character' (e.g., when I press the TAB key in a .html.erb file, it indents 1 tab charcter, not 2 spaces).

So what I have to do now is type the opening "<div>" element, press enter (creating 2 spaces indent), press backspace twice to remove the indent, and then press the TAB key to add the correct 1 tab character as an indent, which obviously won't work in the long term.

Any help is much appreciated.



change indent size on "Settings"::"Code Style"::"XML" page.
We do believe that erb is closer to XML than to HTML ;)

Regrds, Oleg


Wow, I must have tried changing the settings for every single language except XML, thank you! :)


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