Possible major bug: PHPStorm appears to disables **system** symlinks

I think I've discovered the reason my system has been behaving so badly for the last few months.

In this thread I asked about synchronise, symlinks and how PHPStorm didn't always update files:

In accordance with Elena's advice, I disabled the file watcher and carried on developing. Disabling the file watcher had some benefits, but what it gave with one hand, it took away with the other; some files showed, some didn't, there didn't seem to be a clear advantage.

So I've had it disabled for about 2 weeks now, and during that time have been vaguely aware that I didn't seem to be suffering from the "unavailable resources" issue I had had previously, but I was also working on different projects so I wasn't thinking about things too much.

Anyway, I re-enabled the file watcher a couple of days ago, and BOOM! I'm having resources simply not load or be available, in the browser, through Apache- basically software that has no connection to PHPStorm - on an hourly basis.

The only two ways I've found to have content show up in the browser is:

  • Navigate in the finder to the folder with the file that can't be found / loaded
  • Quit PHPStorm

As soon as that happens, in both cases, POOF! The browser loads the content.

Obviously I haven't exhaustedly tested this, but that's how it's looking at the moment.

Can someone from JB please advise? Are there workarounds for this?



OSX Yosemite

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I would recommend to submit a new ticket via Help > New Support Request so we could investigate the logs and check what exactly is going on with the system - so far I can't recall any similar reports so it would be great to troubleshoot this particular case.

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Hi Vladimir,

Thanks, I'll do that. 

The other option I have is to investigate alternate NTFS drivers. Perhaps there is some combination of the Paragon drivers and the Java file watcher that triggers this, or maybe it's even random?

Hopefully if we can figure out some logical approach to the problem we can isolate it. I'm also in contact with Paragon, so I can forward any input they may have.




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