Full Path of Document in Title Bar

I would like to see the full path of the file I am working in the application title bar.

Hovering over the document's tab is too tedious.  I have several versions of DocumentsController.rb and as I am switching between the tabs I can quickly forget which version it is that I am working on.

Also, I would like to display the checked out git branch in the application title bar as well.  

My feature branch names are long, (e.g. feature-2067349823490-change-long-screen), so the tiny display in the bottom right hand corner is not enough.

Ideally, it'd be nice if we could set the application title bar utilizing a series of application variables, similar to setting my bash prompt.  

E.g. $full_document_path :: $current_git_branch

I have the same issue
in RubyMine 3.2.4 the window title was shown as
project_name - [project_path] - file_path
While Verions 4rc2 only shows project_name - [project_path]

Would be nice to have at least the old Title Bar back...


Adding my vote to get back this information in the title bar as well.  Just having the tool tip is not sufficient.  I often need to get to the directory of a file I'm editing at the command prompt, and I can't both look at the tool tip and be typing in the command prompt window at the same time.  This is a big loss of convenince for me.


Right click the editor tab, select "Copy Path" from the context menu, paste into Terminal.


Thanks, that is definitely helpful.  However it doesn't replace the lost ability to quickly glace to see the path.


Navigation bar is nice, but it doesn't feel quite as readable as a plain old unix path.

I still vote for a means to set project specific data (file path, git branch, etc), configurable similar to a bash prompt.

Rubymine's application title bar is has a lot of empty space (especailly since I code on a wide screen monitor), screen realestate that is grossly under utilized.  

+1 It is super annoying and a major productivity drag to have to run a command just to see the path. To add insult to injury, the commands to get the full path, with the exception of copy + paste path, are really slow.


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