Setting as an SDK

Hi all, I am wondering if it is possible to somehow add the script ( ) to the list of Ruby SDKs and run it just like it was a default Ruby interpeter. I mean, I know how to click the Add button =) The problem is with adding a file. I always receieve the error message "The selected file is not a valid home for Ruby SDK." I quiclky went through the webhelp page here - and have found the tip about having the name containing either 'ruby' or 'ir' to get validated, though renaming the script did not help at all.

So, the questions are:
1) Does RM perform any additional checks for the potential Ruby interpreter in addition to having 'ruby' or 'ir' in its name?
2) Is it possible to run a _whatever_ binary or script with passing the file being edited in RM as the argument?

Thanks in advance for any information that can come in handy.

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